Why we celebrate PRIDE

By 4th June 2021Press Release
Why we celebrate PRIDE
June marks PRIDE which stands for Personal Rights in Defence and Education.
Pride is necessary so that we can educate those who feel that the LGBTQ+ is abnormal or wrong. Though the LGBTQ+ community may slowly be gaining the same rights as everyone else we still need a lot of social awareness. Understanding that globally the LGBTQ+ community is bullied for being who they are is fundamental and it is not acceptable.
As an inclusive community, it is important to educate those who confuse acceptance for tolerance. Acceptance should not be earned and who we love should not dictate our Human Rights. The very nature of ‘tolerance’ does not allow for true ‘acceptance’ when part of the community feels uncomfortable when promoting the lifestyle of others.
Why is who I chose to love an issue? People argue our public lifestyle will “influence children”. A flawed sentiment as children are not born with pre-conceived ideas and it is always better to teach them to accept themselves and one another as opposed to teaching them to dislike part of our society because they are told they are different.
The past few days have also brought to light the support we have from the community, it is easy to just focus on the negative but it is also overwhelming to see how many allies we have and this needs to be given credit.
As disheartened as the negative posts on LGBTQ+ issues can make us, we also need to smile at the huge support we have from a larger part of the community. I have chosen to focus on the strength of those who stand up for us because being picked on because of my sexuality is not foreign to me.
There might come a day where PRIDE will no longer exist because we will have reached full equality, legally and socially…but right now, PRIDE is not only necessary, it’s FUNDAMENTAL
To the LGBTQ+ community, if you are reading this; Love yourself and embrace your differences, We got your back!