Visit to GSLA Stay and Play Programme

By 17th August 2022Press Release

For the second year running, His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD visited the Bayside Sports Complex to spend a morning with some of the participants of the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority’s (GSLA) 2022 Summer Sports and Stay and Play Programmes.


The Summer Sports Programme offers a mix of indoor and outdoor activities at the Sports Complex, with the Stay and Play programme rotating between the Boathouse Activity Centre, The GSLA Accessible Pool and the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre.


Welcomed by Liam Payas of the GSLA, His Worship was shown around the facility, introduced to some of the leaders and children involved in the programme and joined in several activities.


The morning commenced with a circle sing-along in the Boathouse to welcome participants and explain the day’s itinerary, ask how each member was feeling and learning the days of the week and the weather.


Another group were busy baking cupcakes and getting creative decorating them with different toppings.


Outdoors great fun was had at water play, splashing around in shallow paddling pools on one of the pitches.


His Worship had the opportunity to talk to young leaders about the work they do with the children. He thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all involved and was very impressed with the programme.