School Tours of a Gibraltar Model Soldier Society Exhibition at City Hall

By 22nd April 2022Press Release

To celebrate our Gibraltarian identity, culture and history, His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD has organized an exhibition in the Mayor’s Parlour at City Hall in collaboration with the Gibraltar Model Soldier Society.


The focus of the exhibition is to promote and teach the younger generations about our local military history from the Great Siege to present day.


With the support of the Department of Education, the Mayor’s Office has offered guided tours for school children. Schools were offered the opportunity to visit the City Hall to learn about the exhibits. Information sheets on the exhibits were sent to the classes beforehand so they could be studied before the visit.


Children from St Bernard’s Upper Primary School, accompanied by Year 3 Coordinator and Head of History Ornella Serra were the first to take part yesterday. One of the Society’s volunteers gave an informative and interesting talk to the class who asked questions about our local history which they had learned about in school before visiting.


After the tour His Worship surprised the children by meeting them in the Mayor’s Parlour. He asked about the tour and the exhibits and answered all their questions about his role as Mayor and encouraged them all to continue their interest in our local history.


As patron of the Gibraltar Model Soldier Society, His Worship is pleased to offer his support, especially as the exhibition has the added bonus of an educational outcome.