Reception for Cultural Youth Festival winners and participants

By 20th June 2022Press Release

His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD hosted a reception at City Hall for the winners and participants at Cultural Youth Festivals over the last year.


The Minister for Culture, The Hon Prof John Cortes attended and joined His Worship in congratulating the young people on their achievements.


His Worship thanked teachers, mentors and directors for their encouragement, leadership and support of our young actors, musicians, dancers and singers. He praised them for their positive influence in teaching discipline and commitment and for imparting their own love of the arts on their students.


He spoke candidly to the young guests about how talent will only lead to success if paired with hard work, hours of rehearsals and determination. The desire to succeed in their chosen fields is a journey, one which he hoped to follow for many of those present.


His Worship hosted this event last year and welcomed back some of the same guests but was extremely pleased to see so many new faces at the Mayor’s Parlour – a testament to the fact that the arts and culture are thriving in Gibraltar.


He wished the young people success in the future and hoped they would inspire their peers and future generations to follow their own dreams in the arts.