Mayor’s Awards 18th May 2021

By 25th May 2021Press Release

The annual Mayor’s Awards Ceremonies were held at the Mayor’s Parlour on 18th and 19th May 2021. Following nominations from members of the public and endorsed by the Awards Committee, His Worship the Mayor Mr John Gonçalves MBE GMD, conferred The Mayor’s Award as follows:


For being an ambassador to Gibraltar in the football industry, through the media, overseas university lectures and other engagements, whilst also engaging in numerous charitable activities.

Mayor’s Award to Kenneth Asquez 

For her efforts in assisting the more vulnerable members of the Moroccan community, in so doing helping them integrate into the wider Gibraltarian community.

Mayor’s Award to Yasmine Ben Youssef


For his support of Dyslexia sufferers and his commitment to the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group, tirelessly organising self-help groups, conferences and talks.

Mayor’s Award to Stuart Byrne


For his many years’ commitment to charitable activities which he has selflessly organised, raising substantial amounts of money for innumerable worthy causes.

Mayor’s Award to Ian Eugene Howes 


For his instrumental and vital work, on a voluntary basis, in helping steer the huge growth of Cancer Relief Gibraltar, as well as his other charitable undertakings.

Mayor’s Award to Martin Lennane 


For his tireless commitment to Gibraltar’s heritage, botany, and the Gibraltar Photographic Society.

Mayor’s Award to Leslie Linares 


For his extraordinary effort in the repatriation of Gibraltarians stranded in Morocco during the first Covid 19 lockdown in 2020, and his founding of the Gibraltar Morocco Business Association.

Mayor’s Award to Steven Marin


For ongoing initiatives in raising awareness of Mental Health in the community as well as the considerable assistance offered to users.

Mayor’s Award to The Gibraltar Mental Welfare Society



For her exemplary dedication and unwavering commitment to Cancer Relief for over 28 years, on a voluntary basis and still going strong at the age of 80!

Mayor’s Award to Jacqueline Ramagge


For his inspirational and management impact on Gibraltar’s National Football Team since being appointed Team Manager, inspiring our football ‘internationals’ to achieve what no one thought possible and lifting Gibraltar’s community spirit to new heights.

Mayor’s Award to Julio Ribas


For his enduring and outstanding commitment to youth, charity and community service on a voluntary basis and his endeavour in producing the Gibraltar International Dance Festival, now in its 19th year.

Mayor’s Award to Alfred Rumbo


For her enterprise in creating opportunities between Gibraltar and Israel, as well as her organisation of cultural events to further enrich Gibraltar’s community.

Mayor’s Award to Ayelet Mamo Shay