Mayor treated to spectacular display of Origami

By 30th April 2021Press Release
His Worship the Mayor, Mr John Gonçalves MBE GMD, City Hall staff and students of the Gibraltar College of Further Education were recently treated to a spectacular and unique display of the art of Origami. This was the culmination of reciprocal visits between the College and His Worship when College student Antonio Olivero kindly proposed demonstrating his Origami making skills.
Antonio explained at length the process entailed in creating something as beautiful as a lotus flower from a single sheet of paper, with intricate folds and mathematical formulae leading to what could easily be described as an ornament.
Perhaps overlooked as an art form, the audience were struck by his creations and were left with a sense of awe at how this young person, who aspires to represent Gibraltar abroad, uses his immense intellect to create items of beauty.