Earth Hour 2021

By 9th March 2021Press Release

His Worship the Mayor, Mr John Gonçalves MBE GMD, played an important part in the launch of Earth Hour 2021 through the recent recording of a special message from the Mayor’s Parlour, in which he encourages members of the community to ask themselves the question of where they see Gibraltar in 2030 and what vision they have for our city. This recording can be accessed via the link:


Gibraltar will join other countries in marking Earth Hour on Saturday 27th March when lights will be switched off at the Moorish Castle and North Face in support of action for climate change and sustainable development. As well as joining the symbolic action of switching off lights, the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations is encouraging the Gibraltarian community to see the future in a new light and inviting individuals, families, groups and organisations to post their own short video clips online to capture their vision. Said 2030 vision can also be captured in a preferred medium such as a poem, drawing, Lego model, sculpture, music piece or any other creative medium.


His Worship feels honoured to have been asked to participate in such a worthy initiative about which more can be learnt at

mayor of Gibraltar John Gonçalves MBE GMD

Earth Hour 2021