Clubhouse Gibraltar visit

By 27th July 2021Press Release

As part of the We Are Campaign His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD is meeting with different sectors of the community, charities and associations, and was delighted to meet with Emily Adamberry and her team at Clubhouse Gibraltar.


His Worship was pleasantly surprised to see the full scale of the operation run at Clubhouse, whose philosophy is that everyone can recover sufficiently from serious mental illness to lead satisfying lives.


They provide a daily service for all their members, organising workshops and activities to teach transferable skills, as well as offering social time and events.


His Worship praised the team for their wonderful work, stating “The best part of my role is learning so much about what happens in our community. We look after our own, and it is great to see the work that goes behind providing much needed support to this sector of our community.”