Bethlehem Light of Peace

By 21st December 2023Press Release

Her Worship the Mayor, Ms Carmen Gomez GMD, will be receive the Bethlehem Light of Peace on Saturday 23rd December at 11:00am at the Mayor’s Parlour, City Hall, on behalf of the people of Gibraltar. The Light will be presented by the Scouts’ Association (Gibraltar Branch), as is now traditional, following its collection from the Movimiento Scouts Catolicos, Delegacίon de Jerez.

Scouts will then take the Light to the Cathedrals of Saint Mary the Crowned and Holy Trinity, and indeed to any person or organisation that appreciates the significance of this beautifully symbolic “Gift”.

The aim of the campaign is to include as many in the community as possible and for all to embrace the light and peace message, a message which encourages Scouts to actively create peace in their environment by accepting people of different ethnic, cultural, political and religious groups.
Her Worship the Mayor would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.