5 in 5 Cheque Presentation at City Hall

By 25th June 2021Press Release

His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD hosted a reception in the Mayor’s Parlour, City Hall, in honour of the participants of the recent 5 in 5 charitable undertaking.


The event was called 5 in 5 as all participants undertook 5 half ‘ironmans’ in 5 days, in aid of two local charities, the Cancer Relief Centre and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre. Each half ‘ironman’ consists of 90 cycled kilometres, a 21.1 kilometre run and a 1.9 kilometre swim. The participants’ efforts resulted in a grand total for each participating athlete of 450 kilometres cycled, 105 kilometres run, and 10 kilometres swam, all in 5 days!


His Worship was keen to play his part in recognising, on behalf of the whole community, this heroic endeavour, with the cheque presentation appropriately taking place during the reception.